Shelagh Day

A recognized authority on women’s rights with a vision of national and international gender equality.

When it comes to fighting for human rights, Shelagh Day is a powerhouse! A true force to be reckoned with, both here at home in Canada and abroad.

A recognized international authority on women’s human rights, Ms. Day is currently a Director of the Poverty and Human Rights Centre, whose central goal is to strengthen the human rights of the poorest women. She is also co-chair of the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action. She publishes the Canadian Human Rights Reporter, Canada’s reporter of record on anti-discrimination law.

Shelagh has been a trailblazer with respect to women’s rights in Canada. She spearheaded the first equal pay adjustments for the women faculty at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and developed the first non-credit and credit women’s studies courses in British Columbia, both at UBC and Capilano College.

Shelagh’s international influence stems from The Montréal Principles which she initiated and helped draft. The Montréal Principles is the first international legal articulation of the meaning and application of economic, social and cultural rights for women. It was published in Human Rights Quarterly and is used by advocates and academics around the world.

Ms. Day appears on behalf of Canadian women before United Nations treaty bodies when they are examining Canada’s compliance with its international human rights obligations.
In addition to her many other roles, Ms. Day is the co-author of two books and dozens of published papers and reports on women’s equality rights.

At the conference, Ms. Day will share her insights on how far we have come in this country and globally with respect to women’s human rights and how far we have left to go.

Eavesdrop on a fascinating exchange between two of Canada’s most influential activists. Idle No More organizer Dr. Pam Palmater and human rights activist Shelagh Day will share their real life experiences as activists, lawyers and authors in this candid and stimulating discussion about what it takes to make change.