Outspoken human rights activist with the vision of ending juvenile executions and other human rights violations.

She’s a published author, a chart-topping musician and a former Miss Canada, but Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay sees her most important public role as being a “voice for the voiceless,” delivering messages of freedom, peace and love worldwide.

Tehran-born Nazanin moved to Canada with her family as a young child. Perhaps as a forerunner of her work on the international stage, she co-founded a popular Global Issues club at her high school. While earning her International Relations and Political Science from the University of British Columbia, she volunteered with the Red Cross as a Global Youth Educator, teaching on subjects such as the landmine crisis, children affected by war, the poverty-disease cycle and natural disasters.

Nananzin used the profile she gained from participation in the Miss World competition to raise awareness and funds for a variety of international causes. Her leadership skills really came to the fore In 2006 when she successfully ran an international campaign to save the life of a juvenile sentenced to death in Iran for stabbing a man that tried to rape her.

Nazanin co-founded Stop Child Executions and continues to address human rights abuses worldwide in China, Burma, Darfur and other countries with tyrannical regimes. She successfully uses national and international media to successfully share her messages.

Not only does Nazanin tirelessly work hands on to address human rights issues, she has a knack for bringing out the same qualities in those she approaches for support to rally against human rights violations around the world. In doing so, she has contributed to Canada being seen as leader in human rights advocacy and support.

Join NDP Member of Parliament, the Hon. Niki Ashton, human rights advocate, Nazanin Afshin-Jam McKay and PhD student, Crystal Fraser as they share with participants the defining moments that inspired them to focus and achieve their goals. Learn about their visions and dreams and how they turned them into goals and then reality.