Mina Mawani

A resilient collaborative leader with a bold vision of eradicating the sex trafficking of women and girls. Forever.

No matter how you look at it, there’s a lifetime of difference between being expelled from your native African country and living in a refugee camp to taking over the reins of one of the largest women’s foundations in the world. Mina Mawani credits resilience with her successful transition.

Mina is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which has invested in more than 1,300 programs strengthen women and fuel the dreams of girls. The Foundation has recently launched a national Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada. The Task Force is conducting research, bringing together experts and working with women who have survived sex trafficking to develop a National Human Trafficking Strategy for Canada. Mina has a bold vision to help Canada eradicate the sex trafficking of women and girls. Forever.

One consistent theme throughout Ms. Mawani’s career is helping organizations in transition. Through a number of leadership roles, she has helped non-profits, hospitals and government navigate massive change, improve their capacity, secure sustainable funding, and develop strong visions and strategies.

Because of her unmistakable leadership abilities, Mina has been selected for a number of prestigious leadership programs, including Mina’s leadership skills have been recognized and further honed by programs such as Broadening Opportunity through Leadership Diversity, the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, and the York-Maytree Executive Director’s Institute program designed for non-profit executives who are creative, inspiring, innovative and visionary in leading effective organizations and communities.

Mina Mawani will talk about being authentic, how to become more resilient, finding solid mentors, and leaping at opportunities to stretch and grow.