Maria Mourani

Maria Mourani is a woman of conviction, and she is not afraid of standing up for her beliefs, regardless of the cost.

Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Maria immigrated to Canada n 1988. Maria has fulfilled a number of roles, including criminologist, educator, graduate assistant, parole officer, rehabilitation counsellor, research officer, sociologist. However, it is in her current role as Member of Parliament that she is really making her mark.

She was elected to Parliament in 2006, the first woman of Lebanese origin elected to the House of Commons. representing the riding of Ahunstic. Although she was a Bloc Québécois representative from the time she was elected, Maria has been sitting as an Independent since September 2013, as a result of opposing the Quebec Charter of Values.

In December of last year, Ms. Mourani announced her days as a sovereignist were over, concluding after much reflection that Canada, including its Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms, better protects the Quebec identity of all citizens of Quebec.

She has been active on several issues, including prostitution and human trafficking, street gangs and organized crime, and violent cellphone theft.

Maria is the author of La face cachée des gangs de rue, a book about street gangs in Montreal. She followed it up with a second book on street gang networks in Canada, United States and Central America entitled Gangs de rue inc. In 2008, she was awarded an honorary medal in Beirut, Lebanon by the World Lebanese Cultural Union.

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