Lana Payne

Hard-hitting labour leader with a vision for a Canada that is inclusive, supportive of the most vulnerable, and doesn’t leave anyone behind.

One thing you will never hear Lana Payne say is “Silence!” In fact, she sees silence as a passive approach only for those comfortably living with the status quo. She doesn’t view shutting up as an option for anyone else.

A journalist by trade, Lana found her home in the labour movement almost 25 years ago and still resides there today, albeit at a much higher level and with many achievements to her credit.

In her five years as president, the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour made many gains, spurring direct and long-term implications for working men and women. For example, there have been changes to the labour code, stronger health and safety laws, minimum wage increases and investments in childcare.

Her progressive leadership style has led Ms. Payne to her new role as Atlantic Director of Unifor (the union jointly founded by the Canadian Autoworkers Union and the Communication, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada).

Described as a builder in every sense, Lana continually takes women along with her in her rise up the ranks. She has that special ability to bring people together, forge alliances, promote cooperation, and get the job done. Her commitment to building a better world is contagious for all those who have had an opportunity to engage with her on a personal or professional level.

Lana’s outspoken leadership style but collaborative approach to resolving challenging issues is respected by labour leaders, business leaders and politicians alike.

How often have you been asked how (or whether) you achieve work-life balance? In a candid conversation we will give audience to Unifor’s Atlantic Regional Director Lana Payne, DisAbled Women’s Network Executive Director, Bonnie Brayton and Climate Change scientist, Dr. Catherine Potvin as they discuss the questions, “do we need work-life balance or can we strive for blend?”