Kluane Adamek

Northern, passionate and determined leader with a vision of Canada where everyone can thrive at the same level.

A citizen of Kluane First Nation, Kluane Adamek left home at the age of 15. She had to. In fact, almost all Grade 10 students from the territory’s rural communities have to make that difficult move, all on their own, to Whitehorse to continue school.

After finishing high school and earning a degree, Kluane had an idea about how to provide support to other Aboriginal students who also left their families and communities at an early age. That idea turned into the Student Mentorship Program, connecting Grade 11 and 12 mentors with Grade 8, 9 and 10 student. The program offers extensive cultural training as well as leadership, counseling and emergency training to its mentors before connecting them to the younger students.

Today, Kluane is passionate about education and community development. She is currently the First Nation Liaison Officer and Advisor with the Assembly of First Nations. She is highly involved with community development and building leadership among First Nation communities and in many other positions.

In recognition of her strong leadership ability, Ms. Adamek is the receipient of a 2013-2015 Jane Glassco Northern Fellowship, offered to young northerners, especially Aboriginal northerners, aged 25 to 35, who want to build a strong North that benefits northerners.

Kluane is a very passionate woman with a contagious energy. She has travelled across the country visiting several communities and meeting key leaders. Join her for an animated discussion as she shares what she has learned and her vision for a stronger Canada.

Listen in on a conversation between the inspiring and visionary Libby Burnham, Acadia’s Chancellor and Kluane Adamek, First Nations Liaison Officer and Advisor with the Assembly of First Nations, will leave you with insight about how to best benefit from being mentored and how we can all be generous mentors.