Right Honourable Kim Campbell

A leader of leaders with a vision of a Canada free of gender barriers.

Kim Campbell, a trailblazer from a very early age, is known as a woman of firsts. Her many milestones broke barriers for women and turned her into a highly sought after leader and speaker.

While most Canadians are well aware that Kim Campbell was our nation’s first female Prime Minister, the stage for that role was set some 30 years earlier when she became the first female student body president of her high school, resulting in her first press coverage.

Throughout her career, Kim Campbell has received many awards of note, including such prestigious honors as Companion of the Order of Canada, an honor held by only 165 individuals at any given time.

An international advocate for democracy, “leader of leaders” Kim Campbell brings a unique and matured perspective on current events, politics and international relations.

In the words of Lillie Richardella, Chief Executive Officer of the International Women’s Forum & Leadership Foundation, “Kim Campbell occupies a special space in the world of leadership, not only as a woman of many extraordinary firsts … but as a woman who’s created a rich legacy of inspiration and expanded opportunities for girls and women across the globe.”

Despite her global stature, Ms. Campbell connects intimately with her audience, regardless of its size or makeup.

To add to her list of firsts, Ms. Campbell was the first visionary confirmed for this national conference. Join her as she shares her profound insights delivered, no doubt, with a touch of spice.