Jessie Housty

A leader with a bold vision for Canada integrating indigenous culture, social justice, community empowerment and environmental sustainability.

A strong leader begets strong leaders. Jessie Housty exemplifies this concept. An effective leader herself, Jessie builds multigenerational leadership capacity that engages people as advocates for social and environmental justice.

Jessie, an indigenous community leader whose work is based in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, has emerged as one of the most influential and sought after young leaders in western Canada on environmental and indigenous issues. Her unique leadership style has led to overwhelming success and accolades.

In essence, Jessie leads by actualizing the leadership capacity of others; her diligent work creates space and access for people and communities to have a new and powerful voice. She fosters a dynamic culture of authenticity, boldness, and transformation.

Jessie’s motivation for change is rooted in both the past and the future – living by the principles and customs that are the legacy of her ancestors, and honouring the generations to come by fighting to make this a world where they can flourish.

While the list of her activities and achievements is lengthy, Jessie doesn’t measure her success by the number of awards or honours she receives. Rather, she sees her biggest accomplishment as fostering community around important issues and initiatives. Community leadership, she maintains, is powerful and valuable because it ensures that changes can be sustained beyond the individual. Creating a culture of healthy change in an empowered and resilient community helps individual leaders to become community activators and knowledge-keepers rather than lone champions.

Join Jessie as she describes her effective leadership style and how it contributes to her bold vision for a stronger Canada.