D. Irene D’Entremont

Successful business and community leader with a vision of greater female representation on boards and in corporations.

Irene D’Entremont sums up her advice to leaders and aspiring leaders in one word: Volunteer! And, yes, she speaks from lots of experience.

In her view, by showing a passion for what you do and where you live, you will effectively build yourself a reputation as a natural leader and expert in your field. In fact, she says the best leaders are those that are always in tune with their community. Ms. d’Entremont has also found that it is important to seek out and accept leadership roles. As just one example, she began at the local level of the Chamber of Commerce and progressed upwards to serving two terms on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Irene, a Francophone business woman, has also shown remarkable leadership in the business arena for more than 40 years. She and her husband bought an American subsidiary and as a key member of the senior management team, she learned much about how businesses work. That knowledge served her well as, from there, she became the president of three companies – one of which she continues to work with today, ITG Information Management.

Thanks to her substantial background in entrepreneurship and rural economic development, former Nova Scotia premier Darrell Dexter called on Irene’s leadership skills, appointing her to the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy. The report, One Nova Scotia: Shaping Our New Economy Together was released on February 12, 2014 and adopted by all political parties for action.

Over the years, Ms. d’Entremont has been awarded numerous honours and distinctions for her leadership roles in entrepreneurship and community development. Learn more about her keys to leadership success, in both community development and entrepreneurial spheres.

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