Eva Qamaniq

Not one to leave things undone, Eva Qamaniq Aariak is gearing up for a monumental task:
Completing the map of Canada.

Recognizing that the project of nation-building is unfinished, this former Premier of Nunavut wants to see the territory strengthen its ties with the rest of the country, while reclaiming the self-sufficiency that characterized the Inuit way of life for centuries.

Eva’s early years were spent immersed in the natural rhythms of a community and a rich culture sustained by the Arctic environment. Like many of today’s Inuit leaders, she travelled south for higher education to schools in Churchill, Manitoba and in Ontario. Since returning to the Arctic, she has led a varied career as a teacher, adult educator, producer of children’s books, and a radio announcer and television reporter for the CBC.

She was named the territory’s first Languages Commissioner, responsible for protecting the rights of three official languages. Her recommendations prompted the government to write a ground-breaking law, the Inuit Language Protection Act.

In 2008, Ms. Aariak became Premier of Nunavut, a position she held until 2013. Under her leadership, government passed pioneering legislation on poverty reduction, and began work to create a representative to advocate for Children and Youth. A top priority includes developing a diversified economy and building the infrastructure needed for Canada’s fastest growing population.

Devolution, bringing decision-making over Nunavut’s land and waters closer to home and thereby increasing Nunavut’s self-reliance, is a goal to which she was fully committed.

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