Dr. Pam Palmater

Mi’kmaq activist with a vision of First Nations communities boasting equality, inclusion and self-determination

Dr. Pam Palmater is a mother, lawyer, professor and commentator from the Eel Bar First Nation in New Brunswick. And if that’s not enough, she is dedicated to empowering Indigenous women and rebuilding First Nations communities characterized by equality, inclusion and self-determination. In short, her long-term vision is to make things better for the next seven generations!

A dynamic Mi’kmaq activist, Pam has worked and volunteered in First Nations legal, political, and social issues for more than 25 years including: First Nations housing, child and family services, treaty rights, education, governance and legislation impacting First Nations. For example, she was active at the community level as one of the spokespeople and organizers for Idle No More in 2012-13.

Through her many efforts, Pam is paving the way for Indigenous women to become more visible and have their voices heard. For example, she is increasing access for young Indigenous women to post-secondary education through a variety of programs and partnerships.

Pam also engages with broader Canadian society by speaking and delivering training sessions to unions, universities, high schools, governments and businesses thereby educating the public about the historical context and facts behind the myths and stereotypes impacting First Nation and Canadian relations.

Currently, Pam is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics, Public Administration and Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University, a commentator, social media enthusiast and author. Her newest book is: “Beyond Blood: Rethinking Indigenous Identity.”

Described as being bold and bright, Pamela is a trailblazing role model for young Indigenous women, planting seeds of change that are transforming Indigenous communities across Canada. Her insights are sure to inspire.

Eavesdrop on a fascinating exchange between two of Canada’s most influential activists. Idle No More organizer Dr. Pam Palmater and human rights activist Shelagh Day will share their real life experiences as activists, lawyers and authors in this candid and stimulating discussion about what it takes to make change.