Becka Viau Becka Viau is a leading Canadian contemporary artist. She is a founder of this town is small inc. (PEI’s artist run centre) and has been a part of Art in the Open. She believes art should stimulate conversations around current issues and experiences.
Bonnie Brayton As the National Executive Director of the Disabled Women’s Network Canada, Bonnie Brayton works to advance the rights of women with disAbilities and deaf women in Canada and Internationally.
Catherine Potvin Dr. Catherine Potvin is a professor in the Biology Department of McGill University, passionately searching for solutions to climate change, believing sustainability is the pathway to the future and the legacy for the next generations.
Crystal Fraser Crystal Fraser is a Gwich’in First Nation woman who brings bold new perspectives about Canada’s past and present to her PhD research.
Carolyn Bennett A family physician, her desire to improve women’s health led Dr. Carolyn Bennett to run for office in 1997. Among many achievements, she created the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Public Health Network.
El Jones El Jones is the current poet laureate of Halifax, she believes in the power of art to move people and to empower marginalized communities.
Eman Bare Eman Bare is a young Canadian-Somali woman who balances between two worlds and creates a culture all her own.
Eva Aariak Eva Aariak is the former premier of Nunavut and only the fifth woman ever to lead a provincial or territorial government in Canada.
mayor_mccallion Hazel McCallion is the longest serving Mayor in the City of Mississauga’s history, holding office for a remarkable 36 years.
Irene d'Entrement Irene d’Entremont is a well-known francophone entrepreneur, community leader, and director for numerous provincial and national boards and commissions.
Jessie Housty Jessie Housty is an indigenous community leader from the Heiltsuk First Nation in Bella Bella, British Columbia focused on social and environmental justice.
Kim Campbell The Right Honourable Kim Campbell holds the distinction of being the first and only woman to serve as Prime Minister of Canada!
mayor_mccallion Kluane Adamek leverages her experience living and working in both the rural north and urban south to help build a stronger Canada through her work at the Assembly of First Nations.
Lana Payne Lana Payne serves as the Atlantic Regional Director for Canada’s largest private sector union, Unifor. She believes a fairer more equal Canada is possible.
Libby Burnham Libby Burnham is a woman of many firsts in law and academia, including becoming the first woman Chancellor of Acadia in 2011.
Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour is the Associate Dean of Science at the University of Alberta and is recognized as a pioneer for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers in Canada.
Mina Mawani Mina Mawani went from being expelled from her native African country and living in a refugee camp to sharing her time with organizations that are at the forefront of empowering women and girls.
Natalie Panek Natalie Panek is a Rocket Scientist at MDA Space Missions, where she works on the next generation of Canadian space robotics.
Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay is an international human rights and democracy activist, author, public speaker and President and co-founder of “Stop Child Executions” organization.
Niki Ashton Niki Ashton is a young Member of Parliament from the North, strongly advocating for equality at home and worldwide.
Dr. Pam Palmater Dr. Pam Palmater is a published author, practicing lawyer, Mi’kmaw citizen and member of the Eel River Bar First Nation.
Shelagh Day Shelagh Day is an internationally respected expert, having published extensively on women’s human rights.
Maria-Mourani-2 Maria Mourani is an independent MP who is not afraid to share her bold vision with the country.