You will find many ways to connect, learn and contribute at A Bold Vision. In addition to practical skills building workshops, the conference agenda includes inspiring and informative plenary and panel presentations by all of the 23 bold visionaries. On breaks from the formal agenda, you will have innovative and interactive opportunities to engage with the visionaries and other delegates.

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1. Mina Mawani Journey to the C-Suite – Surviving adversity and gaining strength from it


Being a leader means facing adversity; it’s not all smooth sailing. At times, it may seem like you simply can’t overcome the boundaries or obstacles that lay ahead. Be inspired by Mina Mawani’s story of being expelled from her native African country and living in a refugee camp to sharing her time with organizations that are at the forefront of empowering women and girls.

2. Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour- Women in Leadership Today, how to keep moving forward


Over the last 150 years the roles women have played in society, politics and business has changed dramatically and the leadership roles women play today are a testament to that change. However, with all the successes, and progress, there are still many challenges to women’s equality in leadership roles.

What can be done to ensure women continue to move towards positions of leadership for the next 150 years?

During this session, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, Associate Dean of Science, Diversity at University of Alberta, will provide an eye-opening and thought-provoking look at women’s leadership advancement and share practical tools and strategies for managers and leaders to support women in advancing their careers.

3. The Right Honourable Kim Campbell: Time to Color Outside the Lines


Canada’s current views of how to achieve its social goals, including gender equality, are too constrained. Other countries are recognizing the importance of gender parity, and are taking concrete steps to attain it. Things like quotas are no longer considered radical. The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell‘s proposal of creating two-person parliamentary ridings represented by one man and one woman is the least disruptive method to obtain equal representation. It’s time for Canada, like other countries, to think more imaginatively and color outside the lines, before we are left behind.


Negotiation Through Collaborative Leadership


Research has shown that women are much less likely than men to use negotiation to get what they want. When we find ourselves wanting something at odds with what others want, an aversion to negotiation may exist because we worry that attempting to get what we want will create conflict and negatively affect relationships.

Join former Premier of Nunavut Eva Aariak and Liberal Member of Parliament the Hon. Dr. Carolyn Bennett for a session that will provide insight into collaborative leadership, an approach that contrasts a hierarchical leadership style by allowing all voices to be heard while remaining focused on a common goal.

Panelists will provide real life examples of succeeding using this approach and share the skills and insights they’ve learned through their own leadership experiences maintaining good relationships and achieving excellent results.

Fearless Risk-Taking


There comes a point when every leader must be fearless and willing to take risks to achieve goals and move forward. Many of our country’s most praised women leaders attribute their willingness to take risks to be a key to their success.

Our visionaries are fearless women leaders who have personally experienced the successes and failures that come from risk taking. Join panelists Independent Member of Parliament, the Hon. Maria Mourani and contemporary artist, Becka Viau for this powerful session on overcoming the fear of risk and learn how they were able to develop the confidence to be groundbreaking risk takers.

Leadership in Male Dominated Fields


Women in leadership roles in male dominated fields face certain challenges (and opportunities) that differ from those who work in more gender-balanced or female-dominated occupations. Along with facing a variety of stereotypes and perceptions, women are still often expected to conduct themselves in a particular manner and even settle for less than their male counterparts simply because of their gender.

Panelists Irene d’Entremont, an entrepreneur, Natalie Panek, a rocket scientist, and Hazel McCallion, Canada’s longest serving mayor, have a deep understanding of these issues and have learned how to manage these challenges while remaining focused on their success. This candid dialogue on breaking through gender barriers and achieving growth and success is one you won’t want to miss.

Setting Goals and Achieving Your Vision


How and when does a dream become a goal? When you make a conscious decision to turn your dream into an aspiration for your future, you can then take specific and purposeful steps towards achieving it.

NDP Member of Parliament, the Hon. Niki Ashton, human rights advocate, Nazanin Afshin-Jam McKay and PhD student, Crystal Fraser will share with participants the defining moments that inspired them to focus and achieve their goals. Learn about their visions and dreams and how they turned them into goals and then reality.

Standing on the Shoulders of our Ancestors: Continuing the Work and Legacies of our Foremothers


Halifax’s Poet Laureate El Jones, community organizer Jessie Housty and journalism student, Eman Bare are three visionaries whose motivations for leadership are rooted in both the past and future; who believe the stories of those that came before us inform what comes next. This panel will explore how honoring the sacrifices of our foremothers, helps us continue the work of creating a world where everyone can flourish.


A Conversation about Activist Leadership


Eavesdrop on a fascinating exchange between two of Canada’s most influential activists. Idle No More organizer Dr. Pam Palmater and human rights activist Shelagh Day will share their real life experiences as activists, lawyers and authors in this candid and stimulating discussion about what it takes to make change. From the struggles, the successes and gains, and the gains lost – sit in on a conversation between two women that are passionate about real change for all people.

A Conversation about Why Mentorship in Leadership Matters


While training typically focuses on functional elements, mentoring provides the opportunity to learn about the other parts of our lives that are best understood through experience. Mentors teach their mentees about perseverance, humility, conflict, and accountability. Mentors act as an experienced friend, guide and accountability framework! True mentorship benefits both parties – and most successful leaders are likely to tell you that mentorship has played an important role in their success.

This opportunity to listen in on a conversation between the inspiring and visionary Libby Burnham, Acadia’s Chancellor and Kluane Adamek, First Nations Liaison Officer and Advisor with the Assembly of First Nations, will leave you with insight about how to best benefit from being mentored and how we can all be generous mentors.

Work-Life Blend


How often have you been asked how (or whether) you achieve work-life balance? The notion that to be successful one must have clear boundaries between work time and personal time is bewildering for many women leaders. The expectation that we must achieve that balance, and the challenge in doing so, can create anxiety that we’re not doing it “right”. In a candid conversation we will give audience to Unifor’s Atlantic Regional Director Lana Payne, DisAbled Women’s Network Executive Director, Bonnie Brayton and Climate Change scientist, Dr. Catherine Potvin as they discuss the challenges and joys of trying to achieve a blend of work and life.

Join three passionate leaders as they share their perspective on the quest for work-life blend and how they manage personal responsibilities with demanding leadership roles. Be prepared to share your thoughts, ideas and solutions, so we can share strategies to solve these challenges we all face.


Delegates Vision Wall: Add your own vision for Canada’s next 150 years to a moveable piece of art that will be displayed at the Vision Presentation.

Lunch with the Visionaries: Sit down at a small table with other delegates for some casual lunch-time conversation.

Reflection Walk: Alone or with a small group, we’ll set you up with a trail to follow and some thought-provoking questions to help you sift through the information you’ll glean from workshops and presentations. After an hour wandering through gorgeous paths along the river and through the woods, you’ll have some wonderful ideas about how to incorporate conference learnings into your own work and life.

Learning Groups: Each delegate will be assigned a group for facilitated small group learning opportunities throughout the conference agenda. Getting together with your group will support you to take away some key learnings and create connections with other delegates.

Chair Yoga: Join Rachel Leslie for a gentle morning yoga class.  Weather-permitting the group will begin outdoors with stretches on the deck and continue the class in the Georgetown Room (please gather in the main lobby).  Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Rachel Leslie is a registered and certified Yoga instructor in two different schools of Yoga: Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan.) She has lived on P.E.I. for 10 years and has been teaching yoga for 6 years. Rachel was first introduced to Yoga 15 years ago and has been on a journey with it ever since.