Lisa Anita WegnerLisa Anita Wegner

“Lisa is bold. She has learned and grown from the highs and lows of her professional and personal lives, and is a strong, respectful, insightful and community-minded person.  Her work is in the arts (film, painting, video, installations etc) and while creating she has always forged collaborative working environments and built strong teams while taking on roles such as mentoring and moderating to support younger/newer artists in various fields. She is a leader.  Importantly, Lisa doesn’t think like everyone else and challenges accepted truths.  Lisa is bold, can collaborate and will help develop a relevant and visionary future for Canada.”

How would Lisa Anita contribute to a collaborative vision of Canada?

“Lisa’s first language growing up was German but English has been her language since childhood. She is 41 this year and has always worked in film, acting, writing, and fine arts (including installations, video art and painting).

Lisa has been recovering from a brain injury, ‘complex post-traumatic stress disorder’ since 2008. Through this recovery process Lisa has come to know very different sides of life in Toronto and Canada, such as experiencing health and mental health services, disability, low income and the police as a person in a very vulnerable state. Through collaboration on projects such as Tales of the G20, she has become involved with homelessness and in particular with many of the homeless people in her neighbourhood.

Lisa also has a unique perspective on sexuality and relationships which form an important backbone to social life and interaction in any country. She is an extremely open and non-judgmental person who values integrity and honesty in all social, personal and professional relationships.  The sum of Lisa’s skills and experiences would make her a valuable member of the vision team.”

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