Aerin JacobAerin-Jacob

“As a cosmopolitan and engaged scientist, Aerin has a profound sense of responsibility: from her pursuit of meaningful scientific research to community organization and advocacy. She is a biologist who helps preserve and restore the resources that people depend on. Her enthusiasm and creativity make her a natural leader, but it’s her ability to empower and empathize with others that really stands out. She has shared knowledge and passion for understanding with people of all spheres of life at all ends of the globe.”

How would Aerin contribute to a collaborative vision of Canada? 

“Aerin’s vision for Canada’s next 150 years is strongly rooted in an involved and active citizenry, motivating individuals and governments alike to make responsible, fact based, decisions for future generations. Aerin experienced a culturally diverse upbringing, spending much of her childhood in East Africa, the Middle East, and northern Canada. She has lived and worked in many parts of Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, the Yukon, and now Quebec. She has also worked abroad in the United States, Mexico, and East Africa. Her experiences across Canada allow her to envision the hopes that can unite Canadians, while being involved in communities abroad has given her a vision of the role Canada and canadians can take in leading on the international stage. She is acutely aware of the conditions of women from a diversity of cultures, even lecturing on the topic of cultural awareness, and in a diversity of employment through her diverse volunteering experience. Aerin is also skilled at making cutting-edge science accessible to people to allow them to shape a concerted and informed visions of the future of Canada.”

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