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Some say to hold a vision, makes life worth living.

Some say to hold a vision, be it for yourself or those around you, makes life sweeter, richer.

What’s your vision?

Perhaps yours is clear, and you’re already on a journey to bring it to life. Perhaps, you’re still defining it.

Maybe you’ve achieved a vision and want to share your experiences with others and create a new journey.

Each day presents an opportunity, to take one step closer to defining, achieving and sharing your vision.

This is one of those opportunities.

This is your opportunity to be bold.


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Join us for a leadership conference that will change your life. Designed for you, by women like you. Visionaries. From all walks of life, hundreds of women will come together to inspire, educate, create new networks and share experiences.

Listen, share, learn and leave with skills, knowledge and inspiration that will keep you moving forward, in the direction of your dreams, your vision.

September 24-26, 2014, Rodd Brudenell River Resort, PEI

Women with a Vision