We are so excited to share with you the shared vision statement created by the Bold Visionaries on September 26, 2014 at Province House.

One of the most exciting moments of A Bold Vision: Women’s Leadership Conference happened on the morning of September 26 when the visionaries started their day in the Confederation Room at Province House, the very room where the Fathers of Confederation began their deliberations. It is a room that was excluded to women 150 years ago. It is now a national historic site and a room that thousands of people visit every year, but only opened to other people in positions of power – visiting premiers, royalty and the prime minster. And now, our Bold Visionaries.

We often talk about the importance of diversity ‘at the table’, so it was thrilling to see the visionaries siting around that table!

Engaging in a collaborative process is challenging and the women involved in this project worked really hard, listened to each other, and created a comprehensive document, which challenges us all to work toward a better future for our country.

It is our hope that 150 years from now, not only will some of the visions presented at the conference and in the anthology have come to fruition, but that the Bold Vision conference will be recognized as another moment in history when diverse leaders met in Prince Edward Island, engaged in relationship-building, and discussed the future in committed, collaborative ways to create new pathways in the territory we presently call Canada.
Bold Vision Group at Province House

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