raylene016highresWhat are you most excited for at A Bold Vision: Women’s Leadership Conference?

The issue of women’s leadership has many, many parts and this conference provides a strategic opportunity for women to be able to network, discuss and plan how to keep advancing this issue.

Equal Voice: Electing More Women in Canada is one of those parts.

We are proud to be a sponsor and participant in the Conference, as women having a voice at the political decision making table is necessary to ensure we have a thriving democracy – we are over half of the population, yet continue to be represented at around the 25% mark. This is not good enough.

As Canada’s only national, multi-partisan, not-for-profit organization, Equal Voice’s Be Her. Support Her. Celebrate Her. campaign builds on the ways in which we all can help get more women elected. More women equipped to run means more women seeking nominations. This increases the opportunity for more women to get elected. That’s what we are about and that is our goal.

We are truly looking forward to meeting the other participants and working together – see you at the Conference!

Bold Visions come in all sizes – tell us about your bold vision…

My son was 8 years old and had spent his life so far only hearing about women politicians. One day he sincerely asked ‘Mommy, can boys get elected? to which I replied ‘well son, maybe one day!’ Then of course I told him what is really going on.

We all grasp the importance of electing more women. The importance and deterrents have been well documented over time, so lets get on with it! Equal Voice’s big, bold idea is to launch in 2015 a Canada-wide program to equip 5000 women in 5 years to run for political office. Some say it should be 15,000 but 5000 is where we will start.

For too long the ‘vision’ of women’s political leadership has not been in reality what it should be. Together we will ensure that our generation and those that follow have a different reality of women’s political leadership – one that is flourishing.

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